Security and Crime Prevention
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Welcome to the ACJS Security & Crime Prevention section page!  

The primary mission of the Security and Crime Prevention Section is to promote the professional growth and development of its members through service and education to the academic and practical field of security.  By providing the necessary resources, organizational programs, workshops and activities, the Section strives to ensure that its members remain on the cutting edge of technology, their discipline, and pedagogical advances.

We invite you to join us!

Membership Benefits: Membership in the ACJS Section in Security and Crime Prevention brings with it many benefits and privileges. With its diverse membership of educators, specialists in security, researchers, and other criminal justice professionals, the Section is uniquely situated to bring all the various actors to the table to address today's most pressing security and crime prevention issues.

Members receive:

  • The Journal of Applied Security Research, a quarter publication.
  • An opportunity to participate in a meaningful and prestigious awards program.
  • Priority announcements about conferences and innovations in the field of security and crime prevention.  Whenever possible efforts are made to obtain registration and course materials offered at reduced rates to Section members.
  • Ability to create, join, or contribute to Section discussions on the Internet.
  • Access to important practice resources and publications of Section members at member or special discounts.
  • An opportunity to provide leadership in the field through participation on committees and special projects. Committees are the lifeblood of the Section. They offer members the best opportunity for direct involvement in Section activities--new Journal, website, awards, etc.
  • Networking through committee participation is an excellent way to exchange information with colleagues regarding the latest developments facing security and crime prevention practice issues.
  • The chance to mentor others interested in the fields of security and crime prevention, especially those interested in related careers.
  • An Annual Membership Meeting in conjunction with the ACJS annual conference and participation at related events.
  • Expansion of your collegial and referral networks.  

Section Journal: The Journal of Applied Security Research is a one-stop resource on security research, education, and training programs that will help scholars, educators, practitioners, and students meet the increasing need for security in the United States. The journal is the official journal of the Security and Crime Prevention Section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. All members of the Section receive four annual issues. The journal presents the latest developments in theory, practice, research, and assessment with an emphasis on up-to-date methods, techniques, and technology. All research articles in this journal have received rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and at least two anonymous referees.  To submit your research go to:

Section News:
Details to come.

Section Awards: The Security and Crime Prevention Section will be announcing both an undergraduate and graduate paper competition.  Be alert!

The Security and Crime Prevention Section leadership shall consider awards as appropriate, subject to approval by the Section’s Executive Board and the Executive Board of the ACJS. Section members who feel an award should be presented to a deserving individual should contact the Chair of the Section for additional information.

Membership: Any current member of ACJS is welcomed as a new member! Also, we actively seek student members who are studying Security and Crime Prevention at the undergraduate or graduate level. Student participation is vital to our growth and the continued research in the field! Section dues are only $35.

We have a small, but growing membership and we always are looking for ways to recruit new members who are interested in becoming active participants. Any organization is only as good as its members, and we think that we have some of the most talented teachers, scholars, practitioners, and professionals in the field.

To join the section, current ACJS members should contact the Association Manager, at; non-members can join ACJS here and add the section during the online payment process.

Section Executive Board:

Chair: Brian Johnson,
Vice Chair: Ben Stickle
Secretary/Treasurer: Shannon Barton
Executive Counselor: Eric Lambert
Executive Counselor: Jeffrey Rush
Executive Counselor: Hyeyoung Lim

Security and Crime Prevention Section Constitution and Bylaws