Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
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Mission Statement: The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) brings together academy members with a particular interest in juvenile justice and delinquency. Our goals are:


1. To facilitate and encourage research and theoretical development related to these interests;

2. To promote communication between academics and practitioners in regard to research and theory; and,

3. To encourage organization of conference sessions related to juvenile justice and delinquency.


Section News: Please be sure to log into your ACJS account to receive all Section news and updates.


Member Benefits: Members are invited to attend our annual reception hosted by the Section during the time of the annual meeting of ACJS. The Section-sponsored reception has been extremely popular throughout prior years.

 JJD Section members networking and socializing at the 2018 ACJS JJDS Reception:





The section website and email list-serv is our clearinghouse for exchanges of ideas among faculty, practitioners, and agency members.


We are also working to update our Section newsletter, where members can submit materials for inclusion in the circular.


Membership: To join the section, current ACJS members should contact Cathy Barth at the National Office (manager@acjs.org); non-members of ACJS can join ACJS and the JJDS Membership page of the ACJS website (https://www.acjs.org/page/MembershipInfo). If any anyone knows of a student (undergraduate or graduate) who would be interested in networking with other juvenile justice and delinquency scholars, practitioners, and agencies, please encourage them to become a member of the Section. For students, membership is only $10.00 for one ear, and a one-year regular membership is $20.00.


If you change your email address or institution, please be sure to update your ACJS member profile so that you can continue receiving news and information from the section!


We also continuously update our Facebook page, so please check it out at:



We look forward to having you as a member!


Section Awards:


Tory J. Caeti Memorial Award: The ACJS Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Section is seeking nominations for the Tory J. Caeti Memorial Award. This $500 award, sponsored by the faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice at University of North Texas, recognizes the contributions of young scholars to the field of juvenile justice. Eligible candidates are young academics, who have been out of school for no more than seven years, and who have made significant contributions to the field of juvenile justice. For more information, please see (https://www.acjs.org/page/Awards)


Past Tory J. Caeti Memorial Award Winners

2018 – Dr. Jennifer Peck, University of Central Florida

2017 – Dr. Riane Bolin, Radford University

2016 – Dr. David Pyrooz, University of Colorado Boulder

2015 – Dr. Christopher Melde, Michigan State University

2014 – Dr. Anthony Peguero, Virginia Tech University


Dr. Jennifer Peck, recipient of the 2018 Tory J. Caeti Memorial Award, and Dr. Nadine Connell, Immediate Past Chair.


Student Paper Competition: All students currently enrolled full- or part-time in an academic program at the M.A. or Ph.D. level are invited to enter the competition. All students entering the competition are required to present their paper at the Annual Meeting. Papers must be 15 to 20 pages, typewritten, double-spaced, using a standard format for the organization of papers and citations. Papers will be judged on the following criteria: content, style, quality of writing, and contribution to the field of juvenile justice. Papers in both the M.A. and Ph.D. divisions will receive monetary awards as well as certificates. Students will also be acknowledged at the ACJS Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Section (JJDS) reception. For more information, please see (https://www.acjs.org/page/Awards)


Past Student Paper Award Winners

2018 – Cherrell S. Green, University of Missouri – St. Louis

2017 – Samuel Adjorlolo – City University of Hong Kong

2016 – Vacant

2015 – Turgut Ozkan – University of Texas at Dallas


Executive Board:


Chair – Marika Dawkins, marika.dawkins@utrgv.edu

Vice Chair – Sherill Morris-Francis, sherill.morris@mvsu.edu

Immediate Past Chair – Nadine M. Connell, nadine.connell@utdallas.edu

Secretary/Treasurer – Steven L. Brewer, slb64@psu.edu

Executive Counselor – Veronyka James, vjames@su.edu

Executive Counselor – Anne Hobbs, ahobbs@unomaha.edu

Executive Counselor – Jennifer Peck, jennifer.peck@ucf.edu


For questions or comments about the Section or this webpage, please email Marika Dawkins (Chair - marika.dawkins@utrgv.edu) or Jennifer Peck (Webmaster - jennifer.peck@ucf.edu)