Justice Evaluation Journal
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About the Justice Evaluation Journal: 

The JEJ aims to assess the efficacy and efficiency of crime reduction and prevention programs and policies instituted and funded primarily by local and national agencies. As governing bodies at national and local levels seek evidence -based assessment of their Criminal Justice programs and policies, the JEJ provides a forum for scholars and practitioners in Criminal Justice and related sectors to offer answers to fundamental questions of what works and what does not work, and why. The journal explores the role that academic research plays in Criminal Justice policy and practice and provides practitioners with a resource for making informed implementation, modification, and funding choices.

JEJ welcomes papers concerning criminal justice policies and programs broadly defined. This includes related public policy areas which have a secondary impact on criminal justice outcomes such as education or health initiatives. Accordingly, the journal also welcomes cross - disciplinary and multi disciplinary submissions, particularly from Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Public Administration, and Economics as well as Criminal Justice and Criminology.

JEJ publishes evidence - based evaluations of existing programs and policies and the role of research in practice. Articles accepted for publication explicitly assess outcomes and their impact, offer evidence- based suggestion for improvement, alternative approaches, or discontinuation or ineffective existing programs or policies. The preferred article explores the best methodological approaches to accomplish evaluative work, and addresses the limitations of the underlying research upon which the program or policy was based and suggests further avenues of primary research which practice could benefit from. 

The JEJ Editor:

The current editor of the Justice Evaluation Journal is Alex R. Piquero  

Inquiries Regarding Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor.

Dr. Alex R. Piquero, Editor

Ashbel Smith Professor of Criminology

The University of Texas at Dallas 

Program in Criminology, EPPS
800 W. Campbell Road, GR 31

Richardson, TX 75080          

Phone(972) 883-2482 

Email: apiquero@utdallas.edu