ResearchPictorial Showcase Information and FAQ's
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The Research and Pictorial Showcase offers the opportunity to participate in an innovative, progressive, interactive presentation of your research that is guaranteed to reach a wider audience than traditional panel presentations. 

The Research and Pictorial Showcase is a collection of visual displays of research that encourages informal interaction between authors and attendees.  The primary author of a Research and Pictorial Showcase presentation must be in attendance and committed to stay by the presentation throughout the scheduled session. 

How to be a Research and Pictorial Showcase Presenter:

  • Submit presentation topics via the online submission center for the Research and Pictorial Showcase.
  • Prepare a visual presentation for your paper, and bring it to the Annual Meeeting. 
  • Set up your presentation in your assigned spot during the showcase set-up time period noted in the program schedule and remain at your spot for the full time the Showcase is scheduled.
  • Celebrate being a featured presenter in ACJS’s Showcase event!


  1. What is a research and pictorial showcase presentation? 

    A research and pictorial showcase consists of two components.  First, it is a visual display of research and secondly, it involves interaction with the audience.  The research is usually made using PowerPoint slides or some other computer software.  Then the slides are printed and placed on a poster board or directly on the 4’ x 8’ display board provided by ACJS.  The visual display includes text, tables, graphs etc.  Some people choose to have their posters printed professionally or laminated; this is a personal preference but is not required.  The second component of the research showcase requires that the author(s) interact with the audience during the allotted session time.  Conference participants browse the displayed visual presentations of research and have an opportunity to inquire about the research.

  2. What do I do if I want to present my research in the Research and Pictorial Showcase?

    Anyone interested in presenting research may do so by submitting the appropriate material found in the Call for Presentations by the appropriate deadline.

  3. Can I present more than one research presentation in the Research and Pictorial Showcase at the conference?

    No, however you may be a co-author of research with other co-authors who will present the additional research.  Each research presentation must have an author present to interact during the duration of the Research and Pictorial Showcase.

  4. Do I have to be present at the research and pictorial showcase?

    Yes, at least one research presenter is required to stand by your poster for the entire session.  If there is more than one author, it is acceptable to alternate or split up times with your coauthor(s).

  5. What if I have to cancel my research and pictorial showcase presentation because I can’t attend the conference?

    If your research is accepted, we will expect someone to be available to present it in your place.  Please plan ahead and have a backup person who can present the research on your behalf.

  6. How long is the research and pictorial showcase?

    The Research and Pictorial Showcase will last approximately 90 minutes.  During this time, the presenter will be available to entertain informal questions and discussions about the research.

  7. Where will the research and pictorial showcase take place?

    The Research and Pictorial Showcase will take place at the date, time, and location listed in the conference program.  A preliminary program is usually posted to the ACJS website in November.

  8. Will there be time to set up my research before the session starts?

    Set-up for the Research and Pictorial Showcase will begin 30 minutes before the Showcase is scheduled to start. If you are presenting in the Showcase, please be prepared for the doors to open at the start time for the Showcase. 

  9. When do I take my research down?

    All research can be removed immediately after the research and pictorial showcase time has ended.  Any items left after 30 minutes from the end of the showcase will be discarded.

  10. Will I be able to put my presentation for the Research and Pictorial Showcase together while at the conference?

    While we understand that traveling with a constructed presentation can be difficult, we will not have the facilities or materials available to assist in the construction of presentations.  Please be prepared to either bring with you or purchase at a local store any materials you think will be necessary to make your presentation. The conference will provide a 4’x8’ display board to post your research.  There will be no space for additional electrical or technical equipment in the Research and Pictorial Showcase.  Please plan to confine your presentation to the display board.

  11. What are the components of the research layout?

    The research includes a title, your name, affiliation, abstract, key points, graphics, and references.  See below for pictures of some research presentations from previous ACJS meetings.

  12. What size should my research presentation be?

    Sizes of presentations vary.  It is recommended that your total presentation not exceed 44 x 70.  Font sizes, however, should be large enough for attendees to easily read.

  13. Do I need handouts?

    Handouts are optional.  However, you must be prepared to hand them out during the session because there is no table available to display them.

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    Sample PowerPoint templates can be downloaded from

  14. What is the special nature of a “pictorial” showcase presentation?

    “Pictorial” was added to the showcase title to encourage presentations of qualitative research that is best presented in a pictorial display, for example a historical depiction of prison life.


For questions about the Research and Pictorial Showcase, contact the Program Chair(s).  Contact information is on the main Annual Meeting webpage.