Expectations for Conference Participation
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NOTE: If for some reason you cannot attend the conference, you are expected to notify the Chair for your panel/roundtable and the ACJS Association Manager (manager@acjs.org) and your name and presentation will be withdrawn from the final conference program and included in the printed addendum.


All conference participants are expected to attend and register for the conference.  As a conference registrant you are subject to the ACJS Code of Ethics.


Paper Presentations

  • Your paper/study will be complete for the presentation.
  • Your paper will be submitted to the Panel Chair approximately 7 days prior to the conference.
  • You will have copies of your paper/presentation available for the audience.
  • Your presentation will be well prepared and professionally presented.
  • Your presentation will be approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length.

Chairing a Panel

  • You will review the papers submitted to you before the panel.
  • You will determine the time available to each presenter.
  • You will keep presenters to their allotted time during their presentation.
  • You will allow time for and monitor the question and answer period.
  • You will notify the Association Manager (manager@acjs.org) of presenters who do not appear for the panel so that their presentation can be removed from the final program that will be posted to the ACJS website.
  • You will complete the Chair Reporting Form and submit it as directed on the form.

Presenting in the Research & Pictorial Showcase

  • You will fully create and prepare a poster for presentation.
  • You will put up your poster at the allotted time.
  • You will be present during the period designated for the Research Showcase.
  • You will have contact information available at the site of your poster.

Roundtable Presentations

  • Discussants in a roundtable should represent diverse opinions.
  • Where possible, the discussants should come from different institutions/agencies.
  • The convenor is responsible for setting the agenda so that discussants can be prepared.
  • The convenor should state the agenda at the beginning of the session and facilitate and moderate the discussion.

Exhibit Hall

  • Conference attendees are encouraged to spend time in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Conference attendees are encouraged to take the opportunity to review books and other publications/materials provided by our exhibitors.  Please do not take materials from the Exhibit Hall unless the exhibitor indicates that the materials are available. 
  • Instructors who desire examination copies of books for possible use in the classroom should use the procedure requested by exhibitors.  Examination copies are provided as a professional courtesy-strictly for review for possible use in the classroom.
  • Conference attendees are encouraged to show their appreciation to our exhibitors who provide a great service to ACJS and conference attendees.