Doctoral Summit 2019
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ACJS Doctoral Summit

Call for Participants


The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences would like to invite 40 advanced doctoral students from accredited Ph.D. programs to participate in the ACJS Doctoral Summit during the 2019 annual meeting.  The conference will be held March 26th to March 30th 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland.



Students selected to participate in the Summit will be awarded a scholarship that includes the conference registration fee, hotel lodging with an assigned, same-gender roommate for two nights (Thursday, March 28 and Friday, March 29), and two meals.  Students who successfully complete all of the requirements will receive a certificate of completion and official recognition as a Doctoral Fellow of ACJS by the Academy.


Eligibility Conditions

Advanced doctoral students with a minimum 3.75 GPA are encouraged to apply.  Advanced doctoral students are those who are done with classes, have taken their qualifying exams (or their program’s equivalent progress marker), or have completed their prospectus.  Potential applicants do not have to meet all three criteria to be considered eligible, but they should be further along in their degree progress than newer cohorts. 


Scholarship Requirements and Expectations
1.      Participants must complete 7.5 hours of professional development training, plus attend an orientation and debriefing dinner.  Participants will prepare for the professional development training sessions by completing several short readings prior to the Summit.  The 7.5 hours of professional development training will be covered in six sessions:
·         Managing the Job Market
·         Transitioning to Junior Faculty
·         Networking and Service in the Academy
·         The Work-Life Juggle
·         Addressing Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Academia (Part 1)
·         Addressing Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Academia (Part 2)
 Students who fail to complete all 7.5 hours of professional development, and/or attend other required events, will not receive a certificate of completion. 

2.      A scholarship recipient may only miss one session because s/he is presenting research at another scheduled panel, and s/he is the first-author of that paper.  The session must then be made up by attending another panel sponsored by the ACJS Doctoral Student Summit.  Students who have more than one scheduling conflict with Summit events, including orientation and the debriefing dinner, will be excluded from participating. Their scholarship will be rescinded and offered to another student.  Recipients must notify the Summit organizers of any/all scheduling conflicts by January 22.

3.      The scholarship recipient must either join a Section or volunteer to serve on one of the Academy’s standing committees and/or Section committees in the year following the Summit to demonstrate their investment in the Academy.


Application Materials and Submission Deadline

Applicants may self-nominate and should submit their own application package.  It is not required that gradate program directors nominate candidates for the scholarship.  There is no limit on the number of students who apply from each program, although only one student per program will be awarded the scholarship.  In addition to the ACJS Doctoral Summit online application, the following materials should be submitted in order as one pdf file to Dr. Deeanna Button at by October 15 2018.  Files should be saved as last name, first initial (e.g., Button, D.).  Please look for a confirmation of receipt within 48 business hours. 

·         Cover letter of no more than 500 words

·         One letter of recommendation

·         Current curriculum vitae

·         Current official or unofficial transcript


Scholarship Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by the ACJS Doctoral Summit organizers.  Each applicant will receive a separate score for their cover letter, recommendation letter, and curriculum vitae.  Applicants with the highest scores will be invited to participate.  Please note that only one student per program will be awarded the scholarship.  The following criteria will be used in the scoring process:

·         Minimum 3.75 GPA requirement

·         Cover letter (500 word limit):
o   General indication of desire to participate in the Summit
o   Discussion of how the Summit will help with professional development, networking, teaching responsibilities, service opportunities, and/or research abilities
o   Indication of the participant’s interest in joining a Section or volunteering to serve on one of the Academy’s standing committees and/or Section committees

·         Recommendation letter:
o   Generally positive review 
o   Review of the student’s academic, scholarship, and/or leadership achievements


Important Dates

June 15           First Call for Applications

August 15       Second Call for Applications

September 15 Final Call for Applications

October 15      Deadline to Apply

December 1    Notification of Award

December 15  Deadline to Accept Award

January 15      Final Roster Announced

January 22      Deadline to Report Conflicts

January 29      Reading and Roommate List

March 26-30    ACJS Baltimore, MD


Please contact Deeanna Button at with any questions.