Current Award and Grant Recipients
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2019 ACJS Academy Award Recipients
Bruce Smith Sr. Award 
Alex Piquero 
Academy Fellow Award
Shaun Gabbidon
Founders Award
Lorenzo M. Boyd

Outstanding Book Award
Daniel Mears
  Out-Of-Control Criminal Justice:  The Systems Improvement Solution for More Safety, Justice, Accountability, and Efficiency
The William L. Simon/Routledge Outstanding Paper Award
Sylvia J. Piatkowska, Andreas Hovermann
   A Culture of Hostility and Crime Motivated by Bias:  A Cross-National Multilevel Analysis of Structural Influences
The Michael C. Braswell/Routledge Outstanding Dissertation Award
Robert P. Peacock
    Applying Tyler's Process-Based Model of Legitimacy in a Developing Country
Donal MacNamara Award
Lori A. Burrington
   Neighborhood Advantage, Relative Status, and Violence Among Foreign-Born Adolescents
Academy New Scholar Award
Cody Telep 

Academy Leadership and Innovation Award
Amy Bach, Measures for Justice
ACJS Outstanding Mentors
J. Harrison Watts, Martin D. Schwartz, Ling Ren
Sage Junior Faculty Professional Development Teaching Award
Andrew S. Denney, Sarah F. Fischer, Janet Garcia-Hallett, Nancy R. Gartner, Fei Luo, Scott M. Walfield

Ken Peak Innovations in Teaching Award
Kimberly Collica-Cox, Forrest R. Rodgers

2019 Grant Recipients
Minority Mentorship Grant Award
Howard Henderson, Mentor; Jennifer Wyatt Bourgeois, Mentee

Historical Mini-Grant Award
Robert M. Worley