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Mission Statement: The purpose of the Corrections Section is to bring together academy members who have a particular interest in corrections, to facilitate and encourage research and theory development related to corrections, to encourage appropriate and effective teaching techniques and practices for corrections courses, to serve as a resource network for and encourage interaction among academic, research, practitioner and policy-making sectors in order to further knowledge about corrections, and to encourage the organization of corrections-related conference activities.

Section News: While the Executive Board is usually busy throughout the year, the Section conducts most of its business at the annual meeting of ACJS each year. Upcoming meetings will be in San Antonio (2020) and Orlando (2021).  We hope to see you there!

With the new ACJS program app, at each annual meeting, members are able to use the app to identify panels, roundtables, and other events that may be of interest to Section members.  These events usually are of particular importance to the practice, teaching, or study of corrections.

The Section-sponsored annual breakfast meeting has proven extremely popular and beneficial. Each year at this gathering, we have a distinguished keynote speaker who has taught, practiced, or published in the area of corrections.

Previous keynote speakers have included: Steven Lassalle, District Administrator for the New Orleans District of Louisiana Adult Probation and Parole, and Kelly Orians, co-founder and Executive Director of Rising Foundations, a nonprofit working on behalf of individuals reentering society from incarceration in New Orleans (2018). Catherine Lineaweaver, retired warden from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (2017), Katie Green, National Institute of Corrections (2016),  Community Malik Muhammed, Training Captain with the Orange County Florida Corrections Department (2015); Brandon Applegate, past president of ACJS (2014); Ms. Carly Welebob, Director of the Texas Community Justice Assistance Division (2013); Michael Jacobson, President and Executive Director of the Vera Institute (2012), Sonya Spencer, Executive Director of St. Leonard's Society of Toronto and President-Elect of the International Community Corrections Association (2011); Dr. Daren Dalton, Director of Programs, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (2010). In addition, we value our members and the contributions they have made to the field and acknowledge the work they have done.

Membership: Any current member of ACJS is welcomed as a new member! Also, we actively seek student members who are studying corrections at the undergraduate or graduate level and provide travel scholarships to interested students. If you know of a student who would benefit from meeting and networking with scholars in the corrections field, please encourage them to become a member. Student participation is vital to our growth and the continued research in the field! Section dues are only $35 for regular members and $15 for students.

We have a small, but growing membership and we always are looking for ways to recruit new members who are interested in becoming active participants. Any organization is only as good as its members, and we think that we have some of the most talented teachers, scholars, practitioners, and professionals in the field.

o join the section, current ACJS members should contact the Association Manager, at; non-members of ACJS can join ACJS and the section online or by following the instructions available on the Membership page of the ACJS website.

Also, you can find us on Facebook at:
Or simply search in Facebook under Corrections Section.


Member Benefits: Our section website and email list serve as a clearinghouse for information and an exchange of ideas, questions, and helpful strategies for practical application, research, and teaching tips among section members.

Your dues along with your RSVP provide you the opportunity to attend the annual social gathering and general business meeting held at the ACJS Annual Meeting.

Members receive a subscription to our quarterly journal, Corrections:  Policy, Practice, and Research.  Please visit to learn more about the journal. 

Members also receive a biannual newsletter, Corrections Now, in which members can submit materials for publication, including short articles, notices of events, or member updates. Members also receive a 30% discount on subscriptions to The Prison Journal provided by Sage Publications.

All of these publications are interesting and informative benefits of membership!

Please join us! We look forward to having YOU as a member!

Click here to view the most current section newsletter. 




As a fundraiser, the section sells T-shirts each year during the ACJS Annual Meeting to support the section's Student Travel Award. In addition, the money raised is used to support nonprofit groups working in the city where we meet for the Annual Meeting each year. The 2020 nonprofit recipient is the Texas Inmate Families Association!

While the Corrections Section wasn't able to meet in San Antonio for the 2020 ACJS Annual Meeting, you can still support the Corrections Section by purchasing a t-shirt! To view a list of T-shirts, cost, colors, and sizes available, click here.

If you make a purchase before May 31, shipping is free. After that, shipping will be $3 per shirt. To make a purchase, please indicate the style (conference and color) and size of the shirt(s), as well as your shipping address. You can send your payment to Corrections Executive Board member, Stacy Haynes via Paypal (at or Venmo (@Stacy-Haynes-8).

Thank you in advance for your support!



SECTION GOVERNING DOCUMENTS - Corrections Section Constitution and Bylaws



Outstanding Student Travel Award
- In 2011, the section began awarding the Outstanding Student Travel Award. Students presenting papers at the ACJS annual conference are encouraged to submit their presentations (in PowerPoint format) to the Awards committee for consideration for receipt of the $500 travel scholarship.

Outstanding Member Award - Criteria for nomination for the Outstanding Member award are: 1) membership in and preferably contribution to the ACJS Corrections Section; and 2) significant research and/or scholarship in the field of corrections. Winners will receive a $100 cash award,a plaque of recognition, and will be honored at the annual Corrections Section Award meeting. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged.

Past award recipients include:
Cheryl Swanson, University of West Florida
Shelly Listwan, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Jeanne Stinchcomb, Florida Atlantic University
acqueline Helfgott, Seattle University
Faith Lutze, Washington State University
Kathy Johnson, University of West Florida
Mary Stohr, Missouri State University
Craig Hemmens, Missouri State University

John Howard Award - The John Howard Award is given intermittently, upon significant demand, to recognize an individual who has made significant and sustained contributions to the practice of corrections. The nominee MUST have made significant contributions to practice, but also can have made significant contributions in scholarship, teaching, policy, or service. Nominators can make the argument that a nominee's scholarship or work in teaching, policy, or service DID make a significant contribution to practice. This is encouraged. Nominations are accepted every year and the committee will seriously consider all nominees. However, the awarding of this honor is solely at the Committee's discretion and may not be awarded each year. Nominees should send a description of the nominee's contributions, explaining how the nominee meets or exceeds the criteria, along with a copy of the nominee's CV to the Section Chair.

Past award recipients:
isdon Slate, Florida Southern College (2016)
Todd Clear, Rutgers University-Newark (2014)
Rosemary Gido, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2012)
Ken Kerle, Managing Editor of American Jail Association's magazine, American Jails (2009)


Please send all award nominations by October 31, 2020 to the Chair: Natalie W. Goulette,


Executive Board: Current members of the Executive Board are as follows:

Chair Natalie Goulette, University of West Florida
Term of office ends: March 2021

Vice Chair – Adam Matz, University of North Dakota
Term of office ends: March 2021 (Vice Chair becomes Chair of the Section in 2021)

Secretary/Treasurer – Kathy Johnson, University of West Florida
Term of office ends: March 2022 (2-year term)

Immediate Past Chair David May, Mississippi State University
Term of office ends: March 2021

Executive Counselor – Lisa Carter, Florida Southern College
Term of office ends: March 2021  (3-year term)

Executive Counselor –  Stacy Haynes, Mississippi State University
Term of office ends: March 2022 (3-year term)

Executive Counselor – Ryan Labrecque, University of Central Florida
Term of office ends: March 2022 (3-year term)


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For questions or comments about the Section or this webpage, please email Natalie Goulette at