Assessment for Academic Programs
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The Assessment Committee, in conjunction with ACJS Today, would like to announce an opportunity for ACJS members to publish works on academic assessment in an Assessment Forum to be published 1-2 times per year (submissions permitting) in ACJS Today. These articles can be descriptions of unique assessment plans, experiences in what has worked or not worked in implementing plans, discussions on how to create learning objectives and assessment plans, research studies on assessment outcomes, or anything else that would be useful to those of us in ACJS working to use assessment as a tool to improve our programs and the experiences of our students. In particular, if you have presented at our Assessment Workshop, this is an excellent place to publish your presentations to a wider audience. More information on the criteria for articles can be found on the ACJS Today website.

Check out the first article published in the ACJS Today Assessment Forum found in the January 2019 edition of ACJS Today, titled “Who Do We Want Our Students to Be? Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs” by Kristi Holsinger and Lindsey Arbuthnot Clancey.

For more information or to submit an article, contact Robert Lytle (2020-2021 Committee Chair) at or Samantha Clinkinbeard (2020-2021 Deputy Committee Chair) at



The Assessment Committee has compiled a list of useful resource links. Please avail yourself to this information at your leisure.



Recently been made Assessment Coordinator? Faced with developing or revising an Assessment program. These Assessment Mentors may provide you with the answers you need.

Take advantage of this member benefit and work with an expert advisor who is ready, willing, and able to help. At no cost to you, this meaningful advice provides an unbiased evaluation and guidance. Advice can be provided via email, phone, or a Skype-type conference. (This mentoring service does not involve travel to individual campuses). The precise nature and extent of the mentorship is to be determined between you and the contacted mentor. In a collaborative effort, you can achieve useful and relevant Academic Assessment programs for your particular needs.

Sign into your Member Profile to see the list of ACJS Assessment Mentors. You can contact any one of these dedicated advisors to discuss the process and how they can serve as a mentor for your academic program review.


 6th Annual ACJS Academic Assessment Workshop

The ACJS Assessment Committee and Peregrine Academics are proud to announce the 6th Annual Assessment Workshop will be held: Tuesday, March 24, 2020, from 1:30-5:30pm, San Antonio, TX.  For workshop details, view a tentative agenda, or to register, visit


Archived Assessment Resources here. Note: This information may contain links or data that has expired. For the most current and relevant information, please refer to the information listed above under "Resources."