Affiliation Agreements
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ACJS has entered into a number of affiliation agreements with other academic and professional associations. Affiliation agreements benefit members by allowing them to attend the other associations’ conferences at the member rate. For example, ACJS members can attend the annual meeting of the British Society of Criminology at the member rate—and vice versa.


Should an ACJS member desire to attend the annual meeting of an affiliated organization that offers member rate registration, s/he should contact via email or phone the Association Manager, Executive Director, or President of the association of interest to ensure that registration at the member rate is made available. Links to all current agreements can be found on this page.


ACJS welcomes suggestions for additional affiliation agreements. Please contact either the Executive Director or Association Manager for additional questions. 



Links to current Agreements:


Asian Criminological Society

Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

American Probation and Parole Association

American Society of Evidence-Based Policing

British Society of Criminology

Canadian Criminal Justice Association

Criminological Society of Africa

European Society of Criminology

South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology