Research and Pictorial Showcase
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The Research and Pictorial Showcase offers the opportunity to participate in an innovative, progressive, interactive presentation of your research that is guaranteed to reach a wider audience than traditional panel presentations.

The Research and Pictorial Showcase is a collection of visual displays of research that encourages informal interaction between authors and attendees. The primary author of a Research and Pictorial Showcase presentation must be in attendance and committed to stay by the presentation throughout the scheduled session.

How to be a Research and Pictorial Showcase Presenter:

  • Submit presentation topics via the online submission center for the Research and Pictorial Showcase.
  • Prepare a visual presentation for your paper, and bring it to the Annual Meeting. 
  • Set up your presentation in your assigned spot during the showcase set-up time period noted in the program schedule and remain at your spot for the full time the Showcase is scheduled.
  • Celebrate being a featured presenter in ACJS’s Showcase event!




Get Research and Pictorial Showcase Frequently Asked Questions


For questions about the Research and Pictorial Showcase refer to the FAQ's; any additional questions contact the Program Chairs:

Dawn Beichner, Illinois State University
Stephanie Mizrahi, California State University - Sacramento