2020 Final Meeting Program
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Registration Note: Pre-registration has closed. You may register on-site, beginning Tuesday, March 24, 1pm -8pm, 3rd floor San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter hotel.
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2020 Final ACJS Annual Meeting Program

The 2020 Final Annual Meeting Program is now available by clicking here.  Also available is a listing of presenters by event number and a presenter directory with contact information.

To search the program:
1. Click the Search icon at the top of the page or press Control-F.
2. In the Find box, enter the text that you wish to search for.
3. Click Enter to search the document.

This is a large PDF file. Please allow time for the document to fully download before beginning your search.

1. The final program includes all changes received through January 7, 2020.
2. Any edits received going forward will be incorporated into an amended final program to be posted online at the end of February.

THERE WILL BE NO PRINTED PROGRAMS FOR THE 2020 ANNUAL MEETING. If you wish to have a hard copy of the program, the program files posted online can be downloaded and printed. The ACJS Mobile App will be the most up-to-date reference for all meeting information.

PLEASE NOTE: LCD projectors will be available in the meeting rooms. No wifi, computers, or other audio/visual equipment will be provided. If you require an HDMI connection to the LCD projector, please bring a cable with you or contact our audio-visual provider prior to your session and request that one be provided to you. The audio-visual contact number will be posted in the meeting mobile app. Additional audio-visual equipment is the responsibility of the presenter. Individuals wanting additional equipment must either bring equipment to the conference or make the necessary rental arrangements through the ACJS audio-visual provider. Please contact the Association Manager, Letiscia Perrin, for rental information at manager@acjs.org.


1. Expectations for Conference Participants
2. FAQs for Panel Chairs
3. Research and Pictorial Showcase Information and FAQs