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Past Award Recipients

Bruce Smith Sr. Award
2015 - Steven Chermak
2014 - Gary Cordner
2013 - Freda Adler
2012 - Gennaro F. Vito
2011 - Scott H. Decker
2010 - Edward J. Latessa
2009 - Geoff Alpert
2008 - Robert M. Bohm
2007 - Bruce A. Arrigo
2006 - Joycelyn Pollock
2005 - James Marquart
2004 - Todd R. Clear
2003 - David Bayley
2002 - Gerhard O.W. Mueller
2001 - Meda Chesney-Lind
2000 - Jeffrey Fagan
1999 - Gary Marx
1998 - Samuel Walker
1997 - Rolando del Carmen
1996 - Francis Cullen
1995 - Coramae R. Mann
1994 - Lawrence Sherman
1993 - Peter K. Manning
1992 - Lloyd Ohlin
1991 - James Inciardi
1990 - Donal MacNamara
1989 - Herman Goldstein
1987 - Simon Dinitz
1986 - James Short, Jr.
1985 - William Chambliss
1984 - Jerome Skolnick
1983 - Jerome Hall
1982 - John Conrad
1981 - Norval Morris
1980 - Albert Reiss
1979 - James Q. Wilson
1978 - Ralph Turner
1977 - Thorstein Sellin
1976 - Sir Leon Radzinowicz

Academy Fellow
2015 - Joycelyn M. Pollock
2014 - Bonnie Fisher
2013 - Frank P. Williams
2012 - Matthew DeLisi
2011 - Alex R. Piquero
2010 - Freda Adler
2009 - J. Mitchell Miller
2008 - Martin D. Schwartz
2007 - Scott H. Decker
2006 - Gary Cordner
2005 - Bruce Arrigo
2004 - Alida V. Merlo
2003 - Gregg Barak
2002 - Jay S. Albanese
2001 - Frank Hagan
2000 - David Carter
1999 - Robert Bohm,
1998 - Edward Latessa
1997 - Jack Greene
1996 - Coramae Mann
1995 - George F. Cole
1994 - Ralph Weisheit
1993 - Timothy Flanagan
1992 - Gennaro Vito
1991 - Robert Regoli
1990 - Rolando del Carmen
1989 - Francis Cullen
1988 - Vincent Webb
1987 - Robert Culbertson
1986 - Tim Bynum
1983 - Dorothy Bracey
1981 - Richter Moore, Jr.
1980 - Richard Myren

Founders Award
2015 - Ronald Hunter
2014 - Todd Clear
2013 - Janice Joseph and Laura J. Moriarty
2012 - Peter J. Benekos
2011 - Leanne Fiftal Alarid
2010 - Jeffery T. Walker
2009 - Mary K. Stohr
2008 - Richard R. Bennett
2007 - Freda Adler
2006 - Steven P. Lab
2005 - Rolando del Carmen
2004 - Mittie Southerland
2003 - Larry Hoover
2002 - Francis Cullen
2001 - Robert Bohm
2000 - Jay S. Albanese
1999 - Donna Hale
1998 - Harry Allen
1997 - Alida Merlo
1996 - Sloan Letman
1995 - Dorothy H. Bracey
1994 - Vincent Webb
1993 - Thomas Barker
1992 - Edward Latessa
1991 - Larry Gaines
1990 - John Conley
1989 - Robert Sheehan
1988 - Gerald Rigby
1987 - Louis Radelet
1985 - Richard Ward
1984 - Robert Culbertson
1983 - Richter Moore, Jr.
1982 - Richard Myren
1980 - Gordon Misner
1979 - Donald Riddle
1978 - George Felkenes
1977 - Arthur Brandstetter
1976 - William Wiltberger
1976 - V.A. Leonard


Outstanding Book Award
2015 - Barry C. Feld
  Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room
2014 - Joyce Arditti
  Parental Incarceration and the Family:  Psychological and Social Effects of Imprisonment on Children, Parents and Caregivers
2013 - Daniel P. Mears
  American Criminal Justice Policy:  An Evaluation Approach to Increasing Accountability and Effectiveness
2012 - Susan L. Miller
  After the Crime
2011 - Bonnie S. Fisher
  Leah E. Daigle
  Francis T. Cullen
  Unsafe in the Ivory Tower:  The Sexual Victimization of College Women
2010 - Richard Leo, University of San Francisco School of Law
  Police Interrogation and American Justice
2009 - Michelle Oberman, Santa Clara University
  Cheryl Meyer, Wright State University
  When Mothers Kill
2008 - Charles M. Katz, Arizona State University
  Vincent J. Webb, Sam Houston State University
  Policing Gangs in America
2007 - Wesley G. Skogan, Northwestern University
  Police and Community in Chicago
2006 - Brian Forst, The American University
  Errors of Justice:  Nature, Sources, and Remedies
2005 - John J. Laub, University of Maryland, College Park
  Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University
  Shared Beginnings, Divergent Lives:  Delinquent Boys to Age 70
2004 - John Crank, Florida Atlantic University
  Imagining Justice
2003 - Neil Websdale, Nothern Arizona University
  Policing the Poor
2002 - Mark Colvin, George Mason University
  Crime and Coercion: An Integrated Theory of Chronic Criminality
2001 - Barry C. Feld, University of Minnesota Law School
  Bad Kids: Race and the Transformation of the Juvenile Court
2000 - Leo Carroll, University of Rhode Island
  Lawful Order: A Case Study of Correctional Crisis and Reform
1999 - Information missing
1998 - Scott H. Decker
  Barrik Van Winkle
  Life in the Gang: Family, Friends and Violence
1997 - Alexander Pisciotta
  Benevolent Repression: Social Control and the American Reformatory-Prison Movement
1996 - Philip Jenkins
  Using Murder: The Social Construction of Serial Homicide
1995 - Robert J. Sampson
  John H. Laub
  Crime in the Making: Pathways and Turning Points Through Life
1994 - Information missing
1993 - No award given
1992 - Robert Johnson
  Death Work
1991 - Frank F.Y. Huang
  Michael S. Vaughn
  Japanese Organized Crime in a Cultural and Historical Context
The William L. Simon/Anderson Publishing Outstanding Paper Award
2015 - Michael Leiber
  Jennifer Peck
  Maude Beaudry-Cyr
  When Does Race and Gender Matter? The Interrelationships Between the Gender of Probation Officers and Juvenile Court Detention and Intake Outcomes
2014 - Not awarded in 2014
2013 - Not awarded in 2013
2012 - Robert G. Morris
  Erin A. Orrick
  Do Parole Technical Violations Pose a Public Safety Threat?  An Analysis of Prison Misconduct
2011 - Wesley G. Jennings
  David N. Khey
  Margaret Mahoney
  Jennifer Reingle
  Evaluating the Continuity of Offending from Adolescence to Emerging Adulthood and its Effect on Academic Failure Among College Student Arrestees
2010 - Chris Melde, Michigan State University
  Terrance Taylor, University of Missouri – St. Louis
  Finn-Aage Esbensen, University of Missouri – St. Louis
  “I Got Your Back”:  An Examination of the Protective Function of Gang Membership in Adolescence
2009 -

Jennifer L. Hartman, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


Michael G. Turner, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


Leah E. Daigle, Georgia State University

  M. Lyn Exum, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  Francis T. Cullen, University of Cincinnati
  Exploring the Gender Differences in Protective Factors:  Implication for Understanding Resiliency
2008 - No award given for 2008.
2007 - No award given for 2007
2006 - George Higgins, University of Louisville
  Brian Fell, University of Louisville
  Abby Wilson, University of Louisville
  How Does Low Self-Control and Social Learning Theory Come Together to Explain Internet Software Piracy?
2005 -  No award given for 2005
2004 - Gary Cordner, Eastern Kentucky University
  Elizabeth Perkins Biebel, Halifax Community College
  Problem-Oriented Policing in Practice
2003 - Charles M. Katz, Arizona State University West
  Todd A. Armstrong, Arizona State University West
  Vincent J. Webb, Arizona State University West
  Fear of Gangs; Implications for Victimization, Disorder, Community Concern, and Subcultural Diversity Models
2002 - No award given
2001 - Lisa Roberts, Mercyhurst College
  The Drug Court Phenomenon: Its Impact on Erie County, Pennsylvania
2000 - Richard Zevitz, Marquette University
  Mary Ann Farkas, Marquette University
  Sex Offender Community Notification: Managing High Risk Offenders or Exacting Further Vengeance
1999 - Information missing
1998 - Information missing
1997 - David Carter, Michigan State University
  Andra Katz, Wichita State University
  Trends and Experiences in Computer-Related Crime
1996 - Michael Vaughn, Georgia State University
  Police Civil Liability for First Amendment Violations
1995 - Michael Blankenship, East Tennessee State University
  Juror Comprehension of Sentencing Instructions: A Test of Tennessee's Death Penalty Process
1994 - Information missing
1993 - Finn-aage Esbensen, University of Nebraska - Licoln
  David Huizinga, University of Colorado - Boulder
  Anne Weiher, University of Colorado - Boulder
  Gangs, Drugs, and Delinquency in a Survey of Urban Youth
The Michael C. Braswell/Anderson Publishing Outstanding Student Paper Award
2015 Scott Walfield
  When a Cleared Rape Isn’t Really Cleared: A Multilevel Study of Exceptional Clearance and Arrest
2014 - Not awarded in 2014
2013 - Joshua C. Cochran
  The Ties that Bind or the Ties that Break:  Examining the Relationship between Visitation and Prisoner Misconduct
2012 - Jennifer Lynn Owens
  Capital Punishment in the Lone Star State:  A County-Level Analysis of Contextual Effects on Sentencing
2011 - Scott E. Wolfe
  David C. Pyrooz
  Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?  Wal-Mart, Poverty, and Violent Crime
2010 - Jennifer Gibbs, University of Maryland
  A Structural Analysis of Homicides of Baltimore Police Officers
2009 - Tomson Nguyen, University of California - Irvine
  Origination Fraud and the Contemporary U.S. Subprime Mortgage Crisis
2008 - Georgen Guerrero, Sam Houston State University
  The Prison Environment:  A Quantitative Analysis of Inmates’ Perceptions
2007 - Stacey J. Bosick, Harvard University
  Beyond Testing Effects:  Assessing the Reliability of Longitudinal Self-Report Data
2006 - Jacqueline Davis, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
  Texas Landmark Cases:  Ruiz v. Estelle & Morales  v. Turman
2005 - Eui-Gab Hwang, Michigan State University
   Hierarchical and Structural Approach to Fear of Crime in U.S. Cities:   The Effect of City Ecology and Community-Policing Activities
2004 - Jill Farrell, University of Maryland
  Mandatory Minimum Firearm Penalties: A Source of Sentencing Disparity
2003 - No award given
2002 - No award given
2001 - No award given
2000 - No award given
1999 - Information missing
1998 - Information missing
1997 - Tricia Anderson, Youngstown State University
  Kimberly Richardson, Youngstown State University
  Women in Policing and Corrections
1996 - Jeffrey McIllwain, Pennsylvania State University
  From Tong War to Organized Crime: Revising the Historical Perception of Violence in Chinatown, 1890-1910
1995 - Eric S. Jefferis, University of Cincinnati
  Jail Officers Assaulted: A Profile
1994 - Information missing
1993 - Sandra Browning, University of Cincinnati
  Liqun Cao, University of Cincinnati
  The Impact of Race on Criminal Justice Ideology
MacNamara Award
2015 - Danielle Boisvert
  John Paul Wright
  Valerie Knopik
  Jamie Vaske
  A Twin Study of Sex Differences in Self-Control
2014 - Kevin A. Wright
  Travis C. Pratt
  Christopher T. Lowenkamp
  Edward J. Latessa
  The Importance of Ecological Context for Correctional Rehabilitation Programs:  Understanding the Micro- and Macro-Level Dimensions of Successful Offender Treatment
2013 - Grant Duwe
  Evaluating the Minnesota Comprehensive Offender Reentry Plan (MCORP):  Results from a Randomized Experiment
2012 - Joel M. Caplan
  Leslie W. Kennedy
  Joel Miller
  Risk Terrain Modeling:  Brokering Criminological Theory and GIS Methods for Crime Forecasting
2011 - Bonnie S. Fisher
  Leah E. Daigle
  Francis T. Cullen
  What Distinguishes Single from Recurrent Sexual Victims?  The Role of Lifestyle-Routine Activities and First-Incident Characteristics
2010 - James D. Unnever, University of South Florida
  Francis T. Cullen, University of Cincinnati
  Scott A. Mathers, Mississippi State University
  Timothy E. McClure, Mississippi State University
  Marissa C. Allison, George Mason University
  Racial Discrimination and Hirschi’s Criminological Classic:  A Chapter in the Sociology of Knowledge
2009 -

John D. Burrow, University of South Carolina


Robert Apel, SUNY Albany

  Youth Behavior, School Structure, and Student Risk of Victimization
2008 - Steven Stack, Wayne State University
  Liqun Cao, Eastern Michigan University
  Amy Adamzyck, City University of New York
  Crime Volume and Law and Order Culture
2007 - Eric A. Stewart, University of Missouri - St. Louis
  Ronald L. Simons, University of Georgia
  Structure and Culture in African American Adolescent Violence:  A Partial Test of the ‘Code of the Streets’ Thesis
2006 - Beth M. Huebner, University of Missouri - St. Louis
  The Effect of Incarceration on Marriage and Work Over the Life Course
2005 - David Mueller, Boise State University
  Andrew Giacomazzi, Boise State University
  James Wada, Washington State University
   So How Was Your Conference?  Panel Chairs' Perceptions of the 2003 ACJS Meeting in Boston
2004 - Vivian Lord, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  Beth Bjerregaard, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  Ethics Courses: Their Impact on the Values and Ethical Decisions of Criminal Justice Students.
2003 - Peter J. Benekos, Mercyhurst College
  Alida V. Merlo, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  William J. Cook, Westfield State College
  Kate Bagley
  A Preliminary Study of Student Attitudes on Juvenile Justice Policy
Minority Mentorship Grant Award
2015 - Not awarded in 2015
2014 - Not awarded in 2014
2013 - Not awarded in 2013
2012 - Alida V. Merlo, Mentor
  Bitna Kim, Mentee
2011 - Mitchell B. Chamlin, Mentor
  Georgen Guerrero, Mentee
Academy New Scholar Award
2015 - David Pyrooz
ACJS President's Award for Contributions to Criminal Justice
2015 - Piper Kerman
ACJS Extraordinary Contributor Award
2006 - Dr. Henry Lee
  Teresa Gooch
  David Simon
ACJS Outstanding Mentors
2015 - Rosemary Barberet, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Charles Katz, Arizona State University
Karen Miner-Romanoff, Franklin University
Merry Morash, Michigan State University
Heather L. Pfeifer, University of Baltimore
2014 - Freda Adler, University of Pennsylvania
Kimberly Dodson, Western Illinois University Quad Cities
Shannon Phaneuf, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jon Shane, John Jay College
2013 - Jodi Lane, University of Florida
  Frank P. Williams, III, University of Houston – Downtown
2012 - George Richards, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
2011 - Peter Benekos, Mercyhurst College
Richard Bennett, American University
Julius Debro, University of Washington
Shaun Gabiddon, Penn State Harrisburg
Helen Taylor Greene, Texas Southern University
George Higgins, University of Louisville
Nicholas P. Lovrich, Washington State University
James Marquart, University of Texas at Dallas
Lee Ross, University of Central Florida
Barbara Sims, Penn State Harrisburg
2010 - Leanne F. Alarid, University of Texas – San Antonio
Harry E. Allen, San Jose State University
Todd R. Clear, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Rolando V. del Carmen, Sam Houston State University
James O. Finckenauer, Rutgers University
Rosemary L. Gido, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Zelma W. Henriques, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Kathrine Johnson, University of West Florida
Janice O. Joseph, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Jess Maghan, The Center for Comparative Corrections
Marilyn D. McShane, University of Houston – Downtown
Alida V. Merlo, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Laura J. Moriarty, Virginia Commonwealth University
Roslyn Muraskin, Long Island University at C.W. Post
Allan Patenaude, University of Regina
James Ruiz, Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg
Mittie D. Southerland, ACJS Executive Director
Mary K. Stohr, Boise State University
Dorothy L. Taylor, University of Miami
Richard Tewksbury, University of Louisville
Gennaro F. Vito, University of Louisville
Sage Junior Faculty Professional Development Teaching Award
2015 - Christopher Donner, Fayetteville State University
Connie Koski, Longwood University
Jen Peck, Florida Atlantic University
Chad Posick, Georgia Southern University
Jaclyn Schildkraut, State University of New York at Oswego
Yuliya Zabyelina, John Jay College
Veronyka James, Virginia Union University
Ursula Ann Lande, Georgia Military College
Riane M. Bolin, Radford University
2014 - Kendra Bowen, Tarleton State University
Patricia Dahl, Washburn University
Richard Helfers, University of Texas at Tyler
Matthew Matusiak, Sam Houston State University
Randa Matusiak, University of Central Missouri
Sharon Melzer, SUNY Plattsburgh
Katie Swope, Stevenson University
Colby Valentine, Dominican College
Ashley Wellman, University of Central Missouri
Yuning Wu, Wayne State University
2013 - Valerie Bell, Loras College
Emanuel Boussios, SUNY Nassau Community College
Michele Bratina, Keiser University
Mary Evans, University of Southern Mississippi
Cheryl Jonson, Northern Kentucky University
Constance Kostelac, Simpson College
Christina Mancini, Florida Atlantic University
Christopher O'Connor, University of Wisconsin-Superior
Cassandra Reyes, West Chester University
Colby Valentine, Dominican College
2012 - Tina L. Freiburger, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Georgen Guerrero, Texas State University
Diana Perrone, California State University – Long Beach
Mari Pierce, Pennsylvania State University
Cindy Stewart, College of Mount Saint Joseph
2011 - J.C. Barnes, The University of Texas at Dallas
Michael Bush, Northern Kentucky University
Tina L. Freiburger, University of Wisconsin
William C. Hale, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
Danielle Arlanda Harris, San Jose State University
Richard D. Hartley, University of Texas at San Antonio
Nicole Hendrix, Radford University
Catherine D. Marcum, Georgia Southern University
Matt R. Nobles, Sam Houston State University
Jeffrey T. Ward, University of Texas at San Antonio
2010 -

Jennifer Balboni, Curry College
Vidisha Barau, Penn State Altoona
Michele Bratina, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Cynthia Brown, University of Central Florida
Jake Bucher, Baker University
Alison Burke, Southern Oregon University
Kate Fox, Sam Houston State University
Christine Gardiner, California State University
Jennifer Girgen, Salem State College
Georgen Guerrero, Texas State University
Holly Miller, University of Texas at San Antonio
Denise Nation, Winston-Salem State University
Tara Shelley, Colorado State University 

2009 - Ashley G. Blackburn, University of North Texas
  Kristie R. Blevins, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  Alison S. Burke, Southern Oregon University
  Kelly Cheeseman Dial, University of Southern Mississippi
  Shannon K. Fowler, University of Texas at Arlington
  Rebecca J. Howell, University of Alabama
  Wesley G. Jennings, University of Louisville
  Margaret E. Leigey, California State University - Chico
  Damian J. Martinez, Rutgers University
  Danielle McDonald, Northern Kentucky University
  Elizabeth C. McMullen, Grambling State University
  Robert G. Morris, University of Texas at Dallas
  Carlos E. Posadas, New Mexico State University
  Lynn S. Urban, University of Central Missouri
  Jennifer Wareham, Wayne State University